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CSL 250

CSL250 – This product is most popular in applications where high temperatures are not a problem. It’s free spinning characteristic is desired in many idler, converting, packaging, radiation, and food applications. This product is also well suited for use in conveyor applications such as paint or powder coat lines, and assembly lines. The bearing will spin free regardless of temperature.

Useable temperature range: -150F up to +250F (note: stainless steel bearings may be required for subzero temperatures).

This product is dry and will not attract contaminates. This product will not drip or fling lubricant.

This product will not flash or burn off when subjected to momentary direct flame.

This product is NSF H1 listed and is acceptable as a bearing lubricant near food processing applications.

This product will not be washed out or degraded by wash down applications using water, steam, mild acids, or mild alkalis.
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