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The Cobra Solid Lubricant™ Advantage

  • Cobra Solid Lubricants will not be washed out or adversely affected by steam or chemical wash down.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants can be used submerged in most chemicals (even mild acid or alkali) because it will not dissolve.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants will not drip out or fling.
  • Most external contaminates are restricted from entering and damaging the bearing.
  • Most external contaminates will not “stick” to the exterior of the bearing and thus the bearings will be cleaner than with oil or grease.
  • Provides continuous replenishment of graphite lubricant on all internal moving parts.
  • Bearings treated with Cobra Solid Lubricants spin very free and are very energy efficient.
  • The dry lubricant provides for a constant turning torque regardless of temperature variations.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants exhibit very low outgassing, even at high temperatures, making it ideal for vacuum applications.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants are resistive to deterioration due to radiation or UV.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants are non-toxic.
  • Disposal of Cobra Solid Lubricants are not harmful to the environment.
  • Cobra Solid Lubricants are an NSF H-1 listed product.
  • Provides free spinning lubrication from subzero temperatures up to 660F.
  • Momentary spikes of very high temperatures (1500+) will not damage Cobra Solid Lubricants.

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